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Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do the extensions last? 
 A: The extensions are human hair, so they last as long as you want them to. They typically can last between 6 months to a year depending on how often you wear them and how you care for them. If you take care of your extensions they can easily last you up to 12 months. If they are not treated properly they will most likely last 3-6 months.

Q:What type of Hair is used in Celebrity Strands Extensions? A:Celebrity Strands Extensions are made from 100% Human Hair in our Extensions. Nothing beats the versatility of human hair extensions. Human hair, unlike synthetic
hair can be straightened with a flat iron, curled with heat, or chemically treated to perm or dye the hair. If your hair is thin and fine hair, with Celebrity Strands it will becomes 
fuller and thicker. If you have short hair it transforms instantly to long, luxurious hair.

Q:Can they be straightened, curled or tongued? 
A:Yes, simply because it’s real human hair you can straighten and curl the hair extensions. This actually is a test in itself to know that your extensions are human hair and not synthetic fibers. You can use a flat iron/ straightener or tongs to style your hair but remember using hot tools
 too often could potentially dry out the hair and it will not last as long.

Q:Can I color the hair? 
A:Yes. The hair can be colored/dyed. As a general rule it is easier to darken the hair than to lighten the hair. But blonde hair has been 
bleached more so more caution must be taken. We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye the extensions so you will get 
the results you want, coloring them yourself always poses a higher risk of not coming out the shade you want. If you can`t get to a 
salon, always use a good quality hair dye and test a small sample first.

Q:Can I wash & blow-dry the hair extensions ?

A: Yes.You can wash them as you would your own hair with your shampoo and conditioner. We also recommend using a hair treatment on them 
every few weeks. Since the hair is not attached to your scalp, it is not getting the oils it should be. Using a treatment/hair mask 
will help keep them looking healthier and shiny for longer! You will find that you don`t need to wash your extensions too much, about 
every 3 weeks or so. The extensions can be blow-dryed on low setting, but it is not recommended to do it too often. It is best to let your 
hair extensions air dry naturally after washing them.

Q: How to tell human hair with synthetic hair?

Human hair has natural protein. It is easy to tell by burning a strand of hair and simple to tell by the smell: Human hair will when burned will turn to ash. The smell of 
human hair when burned will have an unpleasant odor. When burning, the human hair will burn and have white smoke. When burning synthetic hair you will find a sticky ball 
and will show black smoke. In addition, human hair may have very few gray hair and split end. It is normal and not a quality problem.