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How to Pick the Perfect Shade

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How to Pick the Perfect Hair ColorNow that the flowers are in full bloom and the weather is getting warmer you may want to change up your Hair color.  Just how do you choose the perfect shade for your hair extensions? Follow these 5 simple suggestions to choosing the best color to accentuate your features.   Celebrity Strands has a large selection of popular colors for your hair extensions. All our colors provide a multi-tone adapting coloring technology. This means that as long as your natural hair is a similar shade to your Celebrity Strands extensions it should blend into your...

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Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair *The Good the Bad and the Ugly*

human hair synthetic hair

Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair  *The Good the Bad and the Ugly* Which way to go? Which is better? When purchasing hair extensions do you go with the synthetic hair or the human hair? Synthetic hair extensions are very different then real human hair extensions. The number one difference is that one is FAKE and the other is, well…not! AND you can totally tell when its fake or not.  Personally, I prefer human hair extensions and here is why. Synthetic hair has an unnatural shine that does not look very attractive in your hair. Many girls will choose to wear...

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Ombre Hair: You can get the ombre hair without the hassle or commitment

Celebrities are doing it and so is everyone else. Ombre hair has become more and more popular and we just cant get enough of it. Ombre is not only affecting our hair styles, but our clothes and girls you know our nails too! Its just beautiful when our nails start from a beautiful dark color and fade into a beautiful light color! Its even more beautiful when it fades into a totally different color! Today, lets talk about hair! Ombre hair is really taking the world by storm.  More and more women are leaving the salon or their home with...

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Where can you get clip in hair extensions?

clip in hair extensions hair extensions Where can you get clip in hair extensions? where to buy hair extensions

If you are looking to buy high quality clip in hair extensions, look no further.   Celebrity Strands are made just for you. With high quality clips and top of the line remy human hair you will get the long hair that you need. Quality and All. It is so important when ordering hair extensions to go with a trustworthy company that is sure to supply you with the best hair extensions. For the best quality hair extensions make sure to get only 100% human hair. This will help the future of your hair. They will last you longer and...

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How to dye my hair extensions?

Hair Extension Tips Tips

Hair Extension Dying: If your clip in hair extensions aren't quite the right color or you would like to add extra color streaks or highlights and you'd like to color them at home, these steps can guide you through the process.     1. Purchase the hair dye, developer, gloves and applicator bottle from a salon or beauty supply store. Avoid using hair dye from a box from the drugstore, as it's much harder to match the hair color to your own. In addition, it's more cost effective to purchase the supplies on your own.   2. Comb through and...

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