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How to Pick the Perfect Shade

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How to Pick the Perfect Hair Color

Now that the flowers are in full bloom and the weather is getting warmer you may want to change up your Hair color.  Just how do you choose the perfect shade for your hair extensions? Follow these 5 simple suggestions to choosing the best color to accentuate your features.


Celebrity Strands has a large selection of popular colors for your hair extensions. All our colors provide a multi-tone adapting coloring technology. This means that as long as your natural hair is a similar shade to your Celebrity Strands extensions it should blend into your hair perfectly. (This technology is achieved by the natural highlights and low lights that are blended into the coloring of the extensions) Follow these 5 simple suggestions to choosing the best color to accentuate your features.

1. First thing you need to do is take a look at the ends of your hair and match it with the best color for Celebrity
Strands' website. Celebrity Strands has a variety of colors that will perfectly match the shade you want. Once you choose your shade, ask us for your FREE sample (just pay shipping & handling) so you can see how it matches up to what you thought it would. Try a few other shades lighter and darker as well. Consulting with a professional hair stylist would help you make the best decision on your hair color.

2. If your unsure on what color will look on you, ask a friend to take a few pictures of you against a white background; focusing on the ends of your hair. Make sure your friend takes a few pictures of the back, side and front views. Once you snapped your photos, upload them to a computer and try matching your hair to the color samples right on the website. This will help you choose the best color that matches your hair color before you even try!

3. Choose the color that you like the best! Also, try Googling celebs with hair extensions, specifically celebs that have the same skintone as you and match the color that you think looks best on the celebs. Then go to and pick your samples, have them shipped to you and have a professional help you decide which shade looks best with your hair/skin-tone.

4. Maybe you already have Extensions and you want to change up the color a bit to the extensions. Keep in mind it's always better to start with a lighter shade, since it is always easier to darken your shade than lighten it. Do not use harsh chemicals. We do not recommend changing the color of your extensions, to allow for your extensions to last longer.
***Please note that although our extensions may be colored/altered, we do NOT recommend you do so, since the chemical process will shorten the lifespan of your Celebrity Strands extensions. We can not guarantee the same quality of extensions once chemically altered.

5. Still not confident in choosing your own shade? No problem! Send us some pics (mentioned in #2) and we'll help you decide on the best shade for your hair! Please email your pictures to

Remember, choosing a shade shouldn't be that difficult, don't sweat if you don't like our shade we'll be happy to return your shade for a more desirable one!

Stay Beautiful ladies!

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