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Celebrity Strands Celebrates Halloween!

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Halloween is coming up and now it can be that much better! Celebrity Strands, voted Best when it comes to hair extensions and accessories, has now released its new Collection! The Exotics Collection consists of colorful hair that can easily be clipped in to create a fun and unique look. Blues, Greens, Purples, Reds and more will do doubt add attitude, flame, and a bit of spunk to your step.  The new collection has been released to the public just in time for Americas most loved holiday, Halloween. Kids, and adults alike will no doubt be taking advantage of this new...

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Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair *The Good the Bad and the Ugly*

human hair synthetic hair

Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair  *The Good the Bad and the Ugly* Which way to go? Which is better? When purchasing hair extensions do you go with the synthetic hair or the human hair? Synthetic hair extensions are very different then real human hair extensions. The number one difference is that one is FAKE and the other is, well…not! AND you can totally tell when its fake or not.  Personally, I prefer human hair extensions and here is why. Synthetic hair has an unnatural shine that does not look very attractive in your hair. Many girls will choose to wear...

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