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Our number one mission here at Celebrity Strands,

is to satisfy our customers and provide the best customer service. By doing so we  make sure to ship our products fast, supply customers with dependable and reliable service, and provide the highest-quality products. By making you happy we know we are doing our job! We would absolutely love to hear your feedback on our products and service.


March 2014:
"Guess who got their Celebrity Strands just a few weeks ago and is sooooo in love with them? This girl!!! I did tons of research before deciding on which brand to buy and I am not disappointed in the slightest. With standard shipping I got them in less than a week! The hair is silky smooth and beautiful. It matches my hair, you can't tell the difference AT ALL despite me having several different shades of brown and black in my hair. I just washed it last night and it's still brilliant. Best of all? I've had little to no hair come out! That's like a first! I'm so glad I chose Celebrity Strands  100% amazing service and quality."
-Dana Lewis
April 2013:
"Wow..I love my extensions! I thought this website would be a tad over-hyped but I am so relieved at how beautiful and reliable these extension are! I've been wearing clip-ins for a few years and this is one of the best ones I've ever worn.
They were at my shipping location in 3 days & looked perfect when I opened them. The case they come in is also a major plus. The quality is very impressive for the price and I'm so glad I ordered. Of coarse as extensions don't last forever, I sure hope you folks can make the p6-27 color in the 24 inches in the near future as I would definitely buy those as well...the longer the better! For the time being though, my 21 inches are wonderful.
Also, big thank you to your service team! They are amazing and so very prompt, right from the beginning when I had problems creating an account to choosing the right color, someone replied to me the next day and solved my problem. Congrats, your team is great! I will for sure be letting all of my family and friends know of your great service and product. It's not every day that companies hear of the good reviews but I am here to let you know of a job well done. Thanks so much again!"



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