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Celebrity Strands Celebrates Halloween!

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Halloween is coming up and now it can be that much better! Celebrity Strands, voted Best when it comes to hair extensions and accessories, has now released its new Collection! The Exotics Collection consists of colorful hair that can easily be clipped in to create a fun and unique look. Blues, Greens, Purples, Reds and more will do doubt add attitude, flame, and a bit of spunk to your step.  The new collection has been released to the public just in time for Americas most loved holiday, Halloween. Kids, and adults alike will no doubt be taking advantage of this new...

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How to Pick the Perfect Shade

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How to Pick the Perfect Hair ColorNow that the flowers are in full bloom and the weather is getting warmer you may want to change up your Hair color.  Just how do you choose the perfect shade for your hair extensions? Follow these 5 simple suggestions to choosing the best color to accentuate your features.   Celebrity Strands has a large selection of popular colors for your hair extensions. All our colors provide a multi-tone adapting coloring technology. This means that as long as your natural hair is a similar shade to your Celebrity Strands extensions it should blend into your...

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Where can you get clip in hair extensions?

clip in hair extensions hair extensions Where can you get clip in hair extensions? where to buy hair extensions

If you are looking to buy high quality clip in hair extensions, look no further.   Celebrity Strands are made just for you. With high quality clips and top of the line remy human hair you will get the long hair that you need. Quality and All. It is so important when ordering hair extensions to go with a trustworthy company that is sure to supply you with the best hair extensions. For the best quality hair extensions make sure to get only 100% human hair. This will help the future of your hair. They will last you longer and...

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How can I make sure my clip in hair extensions wont show?

clip in hair clip in hair extensions Hair Extension Tips Tips

Will people be able to tell I'm wearing clip in hair extensions? Many women that wear hair extensions want their extensions to look invisible, so that it is undetectable in their hair. So they wonder, will wearing clip in hair extensions show? Will people be able to notice it? Will the extensions be able to pass as being my own natural hair? How do I wear them so nobody will notice? Well there are a few things to consider when trying to make your clip ins undetectable. One of the major give always is the color. Does your extensions match...

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