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7 reasons why you should add BLUE to your hair!

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Celebrity Strands Alluring Blue Clip In Hair Extensions comes with a full set of 100% human hair and a free case, they are easy to apply and will add pop to your hair. CHECK THEM OUT HERE


Here are 7 reasons why adding blue clip in extensions may be worth your while!


1. Fun- We think this is the most important reason why adding blue extensions to your hair is something you should do. Do you remember those days, years ago, when you were a little girl and started playing with makeup for the first time? Trying the new eyeliner and eyeshadow and even some bright red was just fun and innocent. Adding blue extensions to your hair is a new way to have fun and try something new!

2. Be Different- These days everybody is so caught up with fitting into the crowd and being one in the same with everyone else. Everyone wants to blend in and feels the need to. They all wear the same type of clothes, watch the same style of movies, even date similar kind of guys. Guess what? Being the same as everyone else is BORING! Why dont you be the one to STAND OUT from the crowd, stand up for what you believe in, have your own style and personality. Clipping in blue extensions is a great way to start and show the world that you are different and are not afraid to express your personality! 

3. Lightens your mood- Adding blue clip in extensions will lighten up your mood instantly. How can you feel down when your rocking alluring colors! Take charge of feeling down and blue by dominating the color! You will notice that each step you take will have a little more skip to it. 

4. Confidence-  There is no doubt that your new blue hair color will result in a confidence boost. Not only will you feel like you look good when you notice how the blue compliments your skin tone, but the amount of compliments you will get from the onlookers will certainly make you feel good. You will get more of a sense of your own unique and individual composure when you rock out with your new hair colors. 

5. Non-permanent- Clip In Extensions is a great way to add color to your hair without making a long term commitment. There are no nasty dyes that will damage your hair and permanently change your hair color. You can clip in your extensions when the time is right and take them out when it is not. Lets say you have an important business meeting and your boss wants you to dress upscale and have a natural hair color tone, that might not be the right time or place for your Alluring Blues, however that evening you are going out with the girls and you definitely want your extensions in. EASY. Clipping in your extensions takes less then 5 mins. Taking them out just a minute. Your all set!

6. Beauty- Adding blue clip in extensions will extenuate your beauty. Your new found confidence and attitude will make you look and feel more beautiful. Color is a beautiful thing and we should display it with pride. 

7. ..and best of all....when ordering your Alluring Blue Clip In Extensions from Celebrity Strands, you will get a FREE Celebrity Strands case to store your extensions in without damaging your clip ins. Each case is valued at $85, made with real satin and red velvet, this will keep your hair safe and last longer. Each set of extensions are made from the best quality human hair, this means they can be curled, straightened, washed, and dyed if needed. They will last you apx 6 months to 2 years depending how often they are worn and how well they are taken care of. 

 I want to see 21" Alluring Blue Clip In Extensions 













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  • Sandy on

    I have blue in my hair, i think its great too. I love my blue hair!

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