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Ombre Hair: You can get the ombre hair without the hassle or commitment

Celebrities are doing it and so is everyone else. Ombre hair has become more and more popular and we just cant get enough of it.
Ombre is not only affecting our hair styles, but our clothes and girls you know our nails too! Its just beautiful when our nails start from a beautiful dark color and fade into a beautiful light color! Its even more beautiful when it fades into a totally different color!
Today, lets talk about hair! Ombre hair is really taking the world by storm.  More and more women are leaving the salon or their home with darker roots and lighter tips.  At first it just looked like they dyed their hair and did not get it recolors for years. I bet that’s how ombre hair even started. Funny thing is that now women are doing it….on purpose….AND it looks GREAT! 
Many women are dying their tips lighter then their roots and it blends into this beautiful new fashion. For women that have light hair already they are doing the reversible ombre look and dying their tips darker.
There are many people out there that love this new trend BUT :
  •  Don’t want to make the commitment of dying their tips.
  • Always want to change their style.
  • Scared it wont look good on them and then it will be too late
  • Don’t like to dye their hair.
  • Don’t have long enough hair to even have this option.

Lucking there is a really simple solution to all these concerns.
Instead of actually dying their tips many women will use extensions. Clip in extensions is the best option for getting ombre hair without the commitment.  They are easy to use, easy to clip in, easy to take out and it will give women the long full hair that they want anyways without damaging their hair.
When ordering clip in extensions for the ombre look make sure to order the color that is lighter then your hair. That way you can get the effect you are looking for. If you want the reversible ombre where the tips are darker then the roots so pick a color that will be darker then your natural hair.
To order Celebrity Strands extensions just visit under the SHOP tab you will find 4 different options of lengths. Choose the length that you feel the most comfortable with. I would personally recommend the 21” extensions. It is not too long and not too short and there is enough hair to curl them to have it blend in with your own hair.  (If your hair is really short so the 18” extensions might work well for you. ) Once you choose the length that you want you can go ahead and choose your perfect color. I really like the color #8 which is a dirty blonde color. I think it is a nice color for the ombre style. This of course depends on the color hair you have. If your hair is dark brown or black then I think the #8 is perfect.  Once you choose your color and procede to checkout you want to let Celebrity Strads know that you are buying the extensions for the ombre look. So make sure to use the coupon “OMBRE” when you checkout. This is a good idea since you will also save on your purchase.

Once you order the clip in extensions through the website, they will usually take around 3-5 business days to arrive.  That is when the fun begins!

I am like in love with the ombre style.  Every time I see someone with ombre hair I feel the urge to go up to them and talk to them about their hair (and I usually do end up talking to them about it) It was actually just a few days ago when I went to some café with a few friends and at the register there was a young woman maybe in her mid twenties that had ombre hair but she was wearing them in two braids so it was hard to see properly. I of course was so excited to see the ombre hair and immediately commented on it. She was so excited about her hair so she actually unbraided her hair so she could show me better. Even though there were people waiting in line. It was great.

Anyway I just told this story so you girls can see how much I adore this hairstyle and how beautiful it is to me. PLEASE,  send me your ombre hair pictures. I would love to see how they look. Let me know if you order the clip in extensions and send me your pictures. It will make my day!
Thank you and piece out!
Fashion Monst-HER from Celebrity Strands

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