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Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair *The Good the Bad and the Ugly*

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Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair
 *The Good the Bad and the Ugly*
Which way to go? Which is better? When purchasing hair extensions do you go with the synthetic hair or the human hair?
Synthetic hair extensions are very different then real human hair extensions. The number one difference is that one is FAKE and the other is, well…not! AND you can totally tell when its fake or not.  Personally, I prefer human hair extensions and here is why.

Synthetic hair has an unnatural shine that does not look very attractive in your hair. Many girls will choose to wear synthetic hair because its cheaper. It could be nice if you are wearing extensions for a night (like a one time thing) or if you are dressing up like for Halloween or something like that. Synthetic hair unlike human hair cannot take heat the same way that human hair can. If you try straightening or curling your synthetic extensions, guess what will happen? It will MELT or even worse it may BURN. What happens if you want to change the color of your synthetic extensions? Do you dye them? Well synthetic hair actually does not take hair dye very well, so you cannot rely on them to be the color you want. Synthetic hair also seems to have a tendency to get into so many knots and tangles that it can be nearly impossible to brush out. Just that can be a mission in itself!
Human Hair is a better choice when it comes to hair extensions. Human hair is pricier, but of course it is because it cannot be manufactured with machines the same way that synthetic hair can just be made, plus it has many benefits that synthetic hair does not. Human hair extensions can be styled; it can be dyed, curled, or straightened like your own hair.  Human hair has a natural shine and texture to it that cannot be replicated.  It will look more natural and will last you longer.

Choosing hair extensions for the first time can be tricky. Many times someone can order human hair extensions and that is what they get, but inside mixed with the human hair there are synthetic strands of hair. This is not good. If there are synthetic hairs mixed with your human hair it can cause issues. If you try to straighten your extensions, you will notice that some strands will MELT or BURN.
I do not understand why some companies would be ok with mixing synthetic hair (and sometimes even animal hairs) into some perfectly good human hair. I know that it saves a lot of money especially when ordering hair in bulk, but it looses the trust of the customer when they find out its fake hair! There are many reputable companies out there so you do not need to worry. Just make sure to look at company reviews before ordering and know what your getting yourself into. 
When it comes to hair quality we know there is at least one place you can rely on. Celebrity Strands Hair Extensions are voted #1 in hair quality. It is easy to tell right away that only the best hair is used. Celebrity Strands uses remy human hair, which means that all the cuticles of the hair face the same direction. This prevents tangling and it gives the hair the most natural look.  Take a look at Celebrity Strands Extensions testimonials to hear what other customers have to say about this brand!
I would love to hear what you think about Celebrity Strands. Every opinion counts.

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  • Hally on

    Thank you, I will only buy human hair when I get my extensions. I want to buy the longest ones and its good to know this because I dont want to waste my money on fake synthetic hair when you guys sell the long human hair one!

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