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First, choose a length. Once you choose your length, you'll be able to pick a color. Then you're ready to have red carpet worthy hair!



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All our hair extensions are made from the best quality 100% remy human hair. This means you can wash, dye, and style your extensions.

With four choices of lengths for you to choose from you will love your new celebrity look.

For the most natural look our 16" hair extensions will add just the right amount of volume to your hair. This is perfect for anyone with a shorter hair style that wants to add just a bit of length and a whole lot of volume.

Our 18" hair extensions are perfect for that beautiful natural feel. This desirable set of extensions will help you achieve the length that you are going for. They are one of the most common hair lengths.

The 21" hair extensions, our best seller, will open your eyes to a new world of long luscious hair. They are meant to turn eyes and bring out your sex appeal. You will not go wrong with a set of these extensions. Length and volume here we come!

For the most dramatic hair, our 24" hair extensions will take you there in no time! These extensions are our most erotic set that will surely pick you out of a crowd. With long hair like no other your confidence will shine and you will be star.

Enjoy your new set of Celebrity Strands, red carpet worthy hair.