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Celebrity Strands celebrate with Broadway's alumni cast of HAIR

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Celebrity Strands enjoys a magnificent "Hair Extension" by going back in time with the original cast of the Broadway's Legendary and Historic Hit Rock Musical HAIR at the 2012 Hair Reunion celebration.  The alumni cast of HAIR clebrated their 44 th anniversary.  It was truly the "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius."  Many traveled from all over the US and around the world to Beverly Hills, California to celebrate.  A special tribute was given in honor Michael Butler the worldwide producer of "HAIR" and to Richard Osorio,  Hair's General Manager, who passed away last fall.

Hair alumni enjoyed each others company while sharing stories and memories of Richard. They spoke of the old Hair days, their new lives, their jobs, work, and families. Celebrity Strands joined the Hair Cast in song with well known tunes like  "Age of Aquarius" and "Let the Sun Shine In"

Everyone seemed to be in deijavu, catching up with old and new friends over a glass of wine, beer, or marteene and a full course meal. Last but not least delicious chocolate mouse cake.

Celebrity Strands enjoyed the company of Hair Cast and Staff including Michael Butler,  Ben Lautman,  Toni Attell, John David Yarbrough, Nick Koff, Sharmagne Leland, Randy Brooks, David Harold Hunt,  Barbara Moore, Jessica Marciel, Charles Valentino, Russel Carlson, Beverly Bremers, Jonathon Johnson, Leta Galloway, Ted Lange, Katherine Wright

and many more...


"Peace and Love"


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