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How can I make sure my clip in hair extensions wont show?

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Will people be able to tell I'm wearing clip in hair extensions?

Many women that wear hair extensions want their extensions to look invisible, so that it is undetectable in their hair. So they wonder, will wearing clip in hair extensions show? Will people be able to notice it? Will the extensions be able to pass as being my own natural hair? How do I wear them so nobody will notice? Well there are a few things to consider when trying to make your clip ins undetectable. One of the major give always is the color. Does your extensions match your natural color? If it doesn't you might think about dying them to match your hair better or buying a set that will look more like your hair. If you are having trouble picking a color contact your hair extension company. Or you can find your color on our color chart:

Hair Extension Color Chart

Hair texture is also important when trying to get your extensions to blend in, does the hair texture match your own? Can you straighten your hair to match your extensions? How about the clips? You need to make sure that your extensions have clips that wont slide out. That is the biggest give away if all of a sudden a piece of you hair is slipping out. Make sure the clips have a piece of silicon on it so it wont slide. If you want people to know you are wearing hair extensions, all you need to do, besides telling them straight out, is to wear bad quality hair. Of course, you will not want to do this. Make sure to stay away form synthetic hair. It has an unnatural looking shine to it and it wont last more then a few days of use. It is highly recommended to use only 100% human hair. Its also important that when you apply your clip ins that you don't put them in too high on your head, because then the clips will start to show through. They shouldn't go any higher then the middle of your scalp. Lightly run your fingers over your head after application. If you feel any of the clips pop out you know that they might be visible and you might need to apply it again. Once you get the hang of it you will be able to do it better and better.

Many women around the world buy and wear hair extensions and nobody knows about it, including well known Hollywood actresses, models, and singers. People will just assume that this lady has long beautiful hair but in secret she is wearing extensions. Celebrity Strands helps women hide their hair extensions and show off the most beautiful long healthy looking hair.

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