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Can I Wear My Hair Extensions Up in a Pony Tail?

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This is a common question that is asked by women around the world that wear extensions and wish to put them up. Sometimes it gets hot outside and you need a quick way to cool yourself down, or simply you might just like the look of having long hair in a pony, for whatever reason when need to know how to wear their hair up while wearing hair extensions Many women worry that if they wear clip in hair extensions they wont be able to put their hair up in a ponytail.  It seems that they worry that the clips...

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Celebrity Strands successful photoshoot!

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Yesterday Celebrity Strands spent the whole day in the studio with photographer, Shimmy of “Shimmy Lautman photography.” We enjoyed hours of shooting our model/ interior designer Tinahmaree Antoon.  The pictures came out amazing like always and nobody even noticed how time seemed to fly. Everyone enjoyed a nice pizza and salad break before our last hour of the shoot. Tinahmaree rocked 17”, 21”, 24” and 26” #1 Jet Black clip in hair extensions and Shimmy captured her at her best. We couldn’t have asked for a better team. Everyone got along, cracked jokes and the atmosphere was friendly, funny, and...

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