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How to dye my hair extensions?

Hair Extension Tips Tips

Hair Extension Dying:

If your clip in hair extensions aren't quite the right color or you would like to add extra color streaks or highlights and you'd like to color them at home, these steps can guide you through the process.



1. Purchase the hair dye, developer, gloves and applicator bottle from a salon or beauty supply store. Avoid using hair dye from a box from the drugstore, as it's much harder to match the hair color to your own. In addition, it's more cost effective to purchase the supplies on your own.


2. Comb through and detangle the extensions. If they have any styling products on them, wash those out first. After they have been detangled, place the hair extensions on an old towel. Make sure that they're totally dry.

Dying Hair Extensions

3. Prepare the hair color mixture. Put on the gloves and mix the appropriate amount of hair color and developer together (follow the directions that are included with the hair color). Once the hair dye and developer have been poured into the applicator bottle, mix them together by shaking the bottle for approximately one minute.


4. Coat every strand of the hair extensions with the hair dye. It's better to use too much rather than too little. You can use the comb to distribute the hair dye as well. After the hair dye has been applied to the extensions, place them on the towel. Follow the hair dye directions to determine how long to leave the hair dye on the extensions.


5. Rinse the hair dye out of the extensions using warm water. Once the hair dye is washed out, apply conditioner to them. Comb gently through the hair extensions after the conditioner has been applied.


6. Wash the conditioner out using cold water. This will seal in the hair color and make the hair shiny. You can then either use a blow-dryer to dry the hair extensions or allow them to air-dry.


**Please understand that Celebrity Strands hair extensions are made from 100% remy human hair and it can be dyed, however we do not recommend you doing so.  Coloring, bleaching or altering your hair extensions chemically in any way will decrease the life of your extensions and may decrease the quality as well. We cannot guarantee that the quality or the lifespan of the hair will remain the same once they are altered.


The better you care for your hair extensions the longer they will last.

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