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What are Remy Hair Extensions?

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What is remy hair?

18 inch Clip In Hair Extensions


Remy hair extensions are one of the best quality hair extensions types. But what is Remy Hair exactly? Remy hair is known to be the finest quality human hair since all the cuticles are not stripped and they are kept in tact. This is good for people that wear hair extensions because this type of hair is known to be tangle-free. Remy hair lasts longer and is more shiny then non-remy hair.


Buying Remy Hair is a good idea when searching for hair extensions that will last. Remy Hair presents a much more realistic appearance to your extension, as it is indeed 100% human hair. Celebrity Strands Hair Extensions are made with top quality remy human hair, which you will be able to tell instantly by the shine.


Many customers are unclear what the term “remy” means. Some people will assume it’s a company name, others will think that the hair has been processed to a “remy” level of quality. The term remy hair has been used and misused in many ways so it is unclear what Remy even means anymore. When Celebrity Strands Hair Extensions uses the term Remy Hair it means that our hair has been prepared with the cuticles aligned, pointing downward just as in natural hair growth. This prevents cuticles from rubbing together and causing tangles and cuticle damage. It has the most natural look and feel to the hair. A quality that will satisfy you use and use.


Where to buy Remy hair Extensions?

Visit these links to purchase popular high quality 100% remy human hair extensions.

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Shop: Remy Hair Extensions -Beyond the Beauty


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