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What color hair extensions do I need?

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What color hair extensions do I need?


Yes, picking the right color hair extensions can be frustrating.  What color should I choose? What if I get the wrong color extensions? Most companies hear these questions all the time. Thankfully, we have a color system that can assist you when buying hair extensions online. Each pigment has its own number that corresponds to its color. For example the darkest black, jet black would be a color #1 Jet Black, #613 is a platinum blonde, and a #4 is a medium brown, and so on.

If you are having difficulty choosing your hair color you can feel free to contact us at, we have heard all the questions before and always will have someone that can help. You can send us a picture and we will try to match the color, or for even more precise coloring you can send us a sample of your hair color for us to match.

One important tip that you need to know when figuring out what color hair extensions to purchase is to know what color to match it to. When looking at your own hair make sure that you take the color from the tips instead of the roots. Although for people that dye their hair, their roots is the natural color.   You want to make sure that your new hair extensions will blend in to your tips since that is where you will need to blend them, from the tips. If the color is slightly off it should still be ok and hardly noticeable. You can curl your hair extensions to blend it in more properly and it will be harder to detect that you are wearing clip ins. Another tip is to make sure you are always buying human hair. If your extensions are made from human hair you will be able to dye them to match your color more accurately.  Make sure that the companies where you buy your clip ins from supply you with the best quality hair extensions. We at Celebrity Strands strive to supply our customers with good quality human hair extensions that can be dyed, curled, straightened, and styled. We also have a color chart where you can choose your color to match your hair best on the first try.

Celebrity Strands Hair Color Chart

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