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How Do I Put in Clip in Hair Extensions?

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  • How do I put in clip in hair extensions?

Applying clip in hair extensions is easier then you think. Like everything in life practice makes perfect. The more times you do it the easier and faster it gets. One of the first things you need to do when applying your clip ins is to separate all the pieces so you know exactly what you have. Many sets will come with 7 pieces or more. The number of pieces doesn't mater too much, its mostly personal preference. Of curse the more pieces you have the more spread out they can be. Some important tools you will need is a hair clip and a comb, preferably a rat tail comb so you can separate your hair in a straighter line.

Applying Clip In Hair Extension

The first thing you need to do to apply your clip ins is to separate a line of your hair going horizontally. Start an inch or two from your neckline. Its best to separate it with the comb and clip up the rest of your hair so it doesn't get in the way. Take one of the smaller pieces with two clips attached and clip it into your hair near the scalp. Make sure to pull it tight before you clip it in to avoid bumps. Next, separate your hair an inch or two above the previous clips. This time you can take a longer piece. If the pieces have more then two clips attached make sure to always clip in the middle ones first and pull the sides tight to avoid bumps. Clip in all the long pieces in the middle of your hair (make sure not to clip them in higher then the middle of your head because you don't want the clips to show) Celebrity Strands hair extensions will come with 4 smaller pieces. The single clips you will keep for last. There should be two 2 clip pieces that you can clip in an inch above each ear. Once you do that you should be left with two single clips. You can place this anywhere where you think you need more hair. It is recommended to put them in the front near your temple for the most natural look. Remember that there are many ways to clip in hair extensions it is all based on your personal preference and where you want more of the to show.

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