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How long does my hair need to be to put in clip in hair extensions?

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How long does my hair need to be to put in clip in hair extensions?

There are many different answers to this question and a lot more opinions, but the answer is quite simple. There is no exact length that your hair must be to put in clip in hair extensions. The only important thing is that your natural hair will cover any clip so they won’t show through. We recommend to not have your hair shorter then 4-6 inches long. The shorter your hair is the higher the probability that your clips will show through. However, even women with really long hair if not applied properly can have their clips show through.

TIP: Do not apply clip in extensions higher then the middle of your scalp. If it is higher then the clips will probably show through.

If your hair is shorter then 4 inches it is probably a better idea to let it grow out so the clips can be better concealed. The shorter your hair is the harder it might be to blend in your hair extensions with your natural hair. However, some of you may be in luck, if you have extremely thick hair, that thickness might help hide the clips so you can wear them with shorter hair then most women can pull off.

Clip In hair extensions normally have the layer affect and if you have short hair it can be harder to make it look like it is part of the layers.  Hair extensions are meant to make women look as if they have long beautiful hair and it definitely does its job.

The shorter your hair the harder it will be to conceal the clips, we recommend your hair to not be shorter then 6 inches to get the best and most natural look when wearing your clip in hair extensions.

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