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Can I Wear My Hair Extensions Up in a Pony Tail?

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This is a common question that is asked by women around the world that wear extensions and wish to put them up. Sometimes it gets hot outside and you need a quick way to cool yourself down, or simply you might just like the look of having long hair in a pony, for whatever reason when need to know how to wear their hair up while wearing hair extensions

Many women worry that if they wear clip in hair extensions they wont be able to put their hair up in a ponytail.  It seems that they worry that the clips will show through and it will be obvious that they are wearing extensions.  If you put in your hair extensions properly then you should be able to wear your hair up without any problems.

Some women may be right worrying that putting their hair up will not look good but it should not be a problem. If the extensions are clipped in properly then the clips will not show through.  When you put in the clip in hair extensions you must make sure that the clips are no higher than the middle of your skull, which is above the top of your ears. If they are any higher than that it will be visible whether you have your up or not.

The best way to use clip in hair extensions when you plan on wearing a ponytail is to clip your hair in the middle of your hair. Start from the bottom of your scalp, apx one or two inches form the neckline. Clip it only in the center of your head to get the most natural and most comfortable look. Now you move an inch or so higher, clip in your extensions again in the middle of your hair. Clip in all the pieces that you think are necessary to get the length and volume that you want and once you do that put it in a ponytail. Make sure none of the clips are popping though while you are putting your hair up.  If you clipped in your hair extensions properly in the middle of your head they shouldn't show.

It is easy to put your hair in a ponytail with your extensions once you practice doing it a few times you will see that it looks natural and you will get the look you wanted.



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