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Thinking of Getting 18" Hair Extensions?

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What to know before you take the plunge!

(tips and locations on where to buy the best hair extensions-for the best prices)

Many people have been asking the SAME question… Where can I buy high quality 18” hair extensions? Well there are many answers to these questions, and we will get to that shortly, but FIRST there are other questions we need to answer to help you  find exactly what you are looking for.

There are many different types of hair extensions. Which one are YOU looking for? Hair Extensions can come in many different styles. There are permanent hair extensions like micro link, i-tip, and u-tip extensions. There is glue-in hair extensions that come in a weft that is glued to your scalp, and of course there are the non-permanent types like clip in hair extensions.  Many of the permanent hair extensions can be purchased at your local hair salon, since they will probably be the ones that will apply them for you. Clip in hair extensions are easy to apply yourself and you will not need the help of a hair stylist, once you get the hang of applying them, you're good! Practice makes perfect, right?  Since you will not need to go to a salon to apply the clip in extensions you will probably need to purchase them on your own as well. Make sure you know your hair color (many websites that sell extensions will have hair color samples or sample pages.) Click here for a HAIR COLOR SAMPLE CHART

Before and After 18 inch Hair Extensions


You also need to figure out what your budget is. How much money are you willing to spend on your hair extensions? Keep in mind if you want to spend very little on your extensions you might suffer in quality. Any hair extensions under $100 may be synthetic hair, or real human hair mixed with synthetic hair and this can be dreadful. Synthetic hair will not last long and not only that but you can NOT stlye them or dye them in any way. However, if this is what you want. GO FOR IT. However, be sure that you will probably be purchasing hair extensions again soon.

If you are sure you wish to purchase synthetic clip in hair extensions Shilo Hair Extensions by Beyond The Beauty have nice synthetic hair extensions that come in 16” They are synthetic hair so they wont last too long, but if you don’t plan on wearing them too often then maybe that will be perfect for you. Click Here to purchase SHILO SYNTHETIC HAIR EXTENSIONS

It is important to look for quality as well as price, if those things are important to you. Many companies will sell the same quality for different prices. It's usually not a good idea to spend less then $100 for high quality extensions and probably a bit too much to be spending over $350 for a nice set of 18” hair extensions.

Le Angelique Hair ExtensionsLa Angelique, Angel Clip In Hair Extensions are made from 100% natural human hair. They are very good hair extensions that have easy to use clips, they are lightweight, and easy to manage. These hair extensions fall between 18" -20" in length and you can style them, wash them, and dye them.  If you purchase these hair extensions straight from the company you will be paying around $300-$400 for a set. Here is a little trick where you can spend HALF THE PRICE and get the EXACT SAME EXTENSIONS. Follow this link and you can get them for over 50% LESS then what Le Angelique sells them for. Click Here -> Le Angelique Hair Extensions

Celebrity Strands Hair Extensions offers 18” Remy Hair Extensions for a reasonable price and one set will do you wonders.  You will notice the texture of the hair, its soft and durable. Of course since it is made from 100% Remy Human Hair you will be able to wash, dye, and style it. These extensions are made to last long. Click the following link to purchase 18" Celebrity Strands Hair Extensions or you can purchase directly from the product underneath.  [product id="" sku="18clipin"]

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